The Symposium will be devoted to all fundamental aspects of energy storage by EDLC and pseudocapacitors

  • New insights for EDL charging (mechanism, solvation, desolvation phenomena, intercalation)
  • Symmetric, asymmetric, hybrid systems
  • Carbon based materials such as activated carbons, heteroatom doped carbons, template carbons, nanotubes, graphenes etc.
  • Transition metal oxides, conducting polymers
  • Electrochemistry and interfacial phenomena
  • Characterization techniques and in-situ methods
  • New synthesis routes for material preparation
  • Present and potential applications of electrochemical capacitors
  • Thermal management and integration systems

Submissions of papers will be allowed only on invitation from the Guest Editors. Papers should be submitted on-line to the Electrochimica Acta after conference until 15th September 2011. They will be reviewed according to the rigid rules of Electrochimica Acta. According to information from Editor Prof. Sergio Trasatti about 30 papers will be published in this Special Issue.

ISEE'CAP 12th June - 16th June 2011, Poznan, Poland

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